Custom Aluminum shipping and carrying cases

Custom Aluminum shipping cases and carrying cases – New World Case Inc

Custom Aluminum Shipping Cases any size and quantity. ATA shipping cases and carrying cases.
Custom made to your requirements , Aluminum cases  weigh less yes very durable and strong. Great for Trade Show, shipping abroad and more.

New World Case, Inc. Launches New Site!

Hello All!

We are excited to have revised and launched an all new site; ! Check it out and see if there is something that might help you make an impact at your next event!

Portable Booths Website
Portable Booths Website

As always we are trying to keep up with the newest products, and offer everything you need to help you make your next Trade Show, Corporate Event, or User Meeting a huge success!

Remember, we not only specialize in Portable Trade Show Display solutions, but also in Custom Designed and Custom Built displays, and utilize the latest in readily available systems and materials to keep weight and set up time to a minimum.

Feel free to email us at or to call us toll free at (888) 883-0107 to inquire about any of our products or services! We look forward to servicing you!

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We are moving forward to make 2012 out best year ever in offering great new products for all your trade show and exhibit needs!

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As always we are available to help you aquire the highest quality products and print services to get your 2012 Trade Shows and Events off on the right foot! From small marketing solutions to large custom exhibits, we are your one stop source for creative, portable, and cost effective solutions!

Call us Toll free (888) 883-0107 or Email us at

New World Case, Inc.: Continuing to provide top quality Trade Show Displays & Shipping Cases at great prices!

Let’s face it, in this economy it is hard to find a trusted supplier you can count on to be there for you with consistantly good products. The display & exhibit market and industry is changing daily to offer solutions that are cost effective and budget frienldly, lightweight and portable, and that are priced online less than the competitors’ offerings.  Add to this the fact that the companies offering these marketing solutions are coming and going quicker than you can keep up with what is new, and it could leave you wondering where to turn for help.

New World Case, Inc. has been supplying Custom and System Portable Trade Show Displays & Exhibits, as well as Custom and Stock shipping Cases since 1991. That’s 20 years of servicing the industry with top quality products and services. Something to be said in this economy. We pride ourselves on our customer service and maintaining our extensive client base through good business practices and a friendly helpful attitude.

Our aim is to offer products that are a good value to the customer, both in quality and price.  We strive to only offer products that we feel will last through repeated use and that are a good value for the dollar.  And we are continually adding new products to our long list of existing trusted products to bring you trade show and shipping solutions that are current and  updated  in materials, design, and price. If we wouldn’t want to buy it ourselves, we won’t sell it to you. 

Please check out our websites to see the vast variety of trade show displays & exhibits, display accessories, small marketing solutions, and custom and stock shipping cases we offer. If you don’t see exactly what you want, call us toll free to discuss your ideas and what you need. We have custom design abilities and graphic design capabilities to help you create a marketing solution that will work for you, and at a great price!  And we will be available to help you be successful at your events now and in the future!

Shopping For a New Trade Show Exhibit??

Shopping For a New Trade Show Exhibit??

To purchase a new Trade Show Exhibit, or not to purchase a new Trade Show Exhibit, that is the question…

In this economy, it is a tough decision to make…  but an important one. Trade shows are still the singular most important way to make a large number of face-to-face introductions with individuals specifically interested in your business.  There simply is no virtual or internet based platform that is equal to that personal connection.  For this reason, if you are invested in your trade show events, then you should show up and give it your best shot both visually, and structurally.

There are important steps to take when planning and purchasing a new Trade Show Exhibit, to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and easily as possible…

First, early on in the process, get management to jump on board with their thoughts, ideas, and budget concerns. Have a brainstorming session, or two. Ask for 2 or 3 ideas or thoughts from key people that will be important in putting the project together. This way you will allow them their input, and avoid last minute changes or complaints which can add to the cost or construction planning. By having your sales staff become invested in the project early on, they will perform better on the show floor.

Set realistic goals and objectives for the new exhibit’s requirements. Knowing what you want and need ahead of time will help streamline the design process. Outline necessities like storage, specific signage, meeting areas, or special electrical requirements and present this when meeting with your design team. Know ahead of time what the expectations are for the physical exhibit, and what the expectations are for the booth staff.

Plan on interviewing a variety of exhibit vendors, who specialize in both custom built displays, as well as off-the-shelf systems. There are merits to both types of products. Your requirements will determine what type of display is best for you. Remember, even if money can be saved on system displays or modular components, you might end up paying more on set up, and end up with less quality. Consider the long range goals for this investment, not just the short term budget constraints; you’ll be happier with the results.

Most importantly, pick a supplier you feel comfortable with and get to know your appointed design and project management teams. You will be spending a fair amount of time working together, creating deadlines for design concepts, graphics, and construction deadlines. Make sure the relationship is based on good communication and mutual respect. These professionals can advise you on what your best options are, offer cost effective design ideas, and work with you through the entire design and construction process to ensure that you get the best display for your money. However, they also need to listen to you.

Purchasing a new Trade Show Exhibit should be something that is carefully considered, planned and managed. No matter what the price, style, or size, if the exhibit’s goals and objectives have not been met, you will not realize maximum success at your trade shows. On the other hand, when an exhibit is designed and constructed to meet its goals and objectives, the value of the trade show should more than justify every dollar and hour spent on the trade show floor.

New World Case, Inc. offers both portable display systems and custom built displays of all sizes to meet every budget. Call us to discuss your needs today!

Toll free 888 883-0107

Top 6 Reasons You Know You Need a New Trade Show Display

Your Trade Show Display is what encompasses who you are as a company and as a leading contender in your industry. Don’t get caught attending expensive events with a display that does not attract attention and spark interest. Every event you attend has the potential to be a successful opportunity for new leads and business contacts. In this competitive economy, don’t let potential business slip away.

imgresThere are some great, new trade show display solutions available that are cost effective, as well as eye catching and easy to manage logistically. Not ready to completely start over? There are also many ways to re-invent what you already have, and update or add to your existing display materials. Call us to discuss how we might help you take advantage of your next show!

You Know You Need a New Trade Show Booth When…

1. Your customers always recognize you because your booth has stayed exactly the same for the past five years.

2. The photos you used were circa 1990’s.

3. You’re launching a new product or service.

4. Your booth isn’t drawing in customers.

5. The exhibit you have is too small or the traffic flow isn’t working.

6. Your trade show booth can’t accommodate the technology you’d like to use.

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New Blog from NWC

Today we are happy to announce that New World Case has created a blog.  It is our hope and desire that we can use this platform in order to assist anyone that is in need of quality custom cases and other trade show materials.

Please contact us if you feel we can assist you in any way.

Thank you,

New World Case