New World Case, Inc.: Continuing to provide top quality Trade Show Displays & Shipping Cases at great prices!

Let’s face it, in this economy it is hard to find a trusted supplier you can count on to be there for you with consistantly good products. The display & exhibit market and industry is changing daily to offer solutions that are cost effective and budget frienldly, lightweight and portable, and that are priced online less than the competitors’ offerings.  Add to this the fact that the companies offering these marketing solutions are coming and going quicker than you can keep up with what is new, and it could leave you wondering where to turn for help.

New World Case, Inc. has been supplying Custom and System Portable Trade Show Displays & Exhibits, as well as Custom and Stock shipping Cases since 1991. That’s 20 years of servicing the industry with top quality products and services. Something to be said in this economy. We pride ourselves on our customer service and maintaining our extensive client base through good business practices and a friendly helpful attitude.

Our aim is to offer products that are a good value to the customer, both in quality and price.  We strive to only offer products that we feel will last through repeated use and that are a good value for the dollar.  And we are continually adding new products to our long list of existing trusted products to bring you trade show and shipping solutions that are current and  updated  in materials, design, and price. If we wouldn’t want to buy it ourselves, we won’t sell it to you. 

Please check out our websites to see the vast variety of trade show displays & exhibits, display accessories, small marketing solutions, and custom and stock shipping cases we offer. If you don’t see exactly what you want, call us toll free to discuss your ideas and what you need. We have custom design abilities and graphic design capabilities to help you create a marketing solution that will work for you, and at a great price!  And we will be available to help you be successful at your events now and in the future!