Shopping For a New Trade Show Exhibit??

Shopping For a New Trade Show Exhibit??

To purchase a new Trade Show Exhibit, or not to purchase a new Trade Show Exhibit, that is the question…

In this economy, it is a tough decision to make…  but an important one. Trade shows are still the singular most important way to make a large number of face-to-face introductions with individuals specifically interested in your business.  There simply is no virtual or internet based platform that is equal to that personal connection.  For this reason, if you are invested in your trade show events, then you should show up and give it your best shot both visually, and structurally.

There are important steps to take when planning and purchasing a new Trade Show Exhibit, to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and easily as possible…

First, early on in the process, get management to jump on board with their thoughts, ideas, and budget concerns. Have a brainstorming session, or two. Ask for 2 or 3 ideas or thoughts from key people that will be important in putting the project together. This way you will allow them their input, and avoid last minute changes or complaints which can add to the cost or construction planning. By having your sales staff become invested in the project early on, they will perform better on the show floor.

Set realistic goals and objectives for the new exhibit’s requirements. Knowing what you want and need ahead of time will help streamline the design process. Outline necessities like storage, specific signage, meeting areas, or special electrical requirements and present this when meeting with your design team. Know ahead of time what the expectations are for the physical exhibit, and what the expectations are for the booth staff.

Plan on interviewing a variety of exhibit vendors, who specialize in both custom built displays, as well as off-the-shelf systems. There are merits to both types of products. Your requirements will determine what type of display is best for you. Remember, even if money can be saved on system displays or modular components, you might end up paying more on set up, and end up with less quality. Consider the long range goals for this investment, not just the short term budget constraints; you’ll be happier with the results.

Most importantly, pick a supplier you feel comfortable with and get to know your appointed design and project management teams. You will be spending a fair amount of time working together, creating deadlines for design concepts, graphics, and construction deadlines. Make sure the relationship is based on good communication and mutual respect. These professionals can advise you on what your best options are, offer cost effective design ideas, and work with you through the entire design and construction process to ensure that you get the best display for your money. However, they also need to listen to you.

Purchasing a new Trade Show Exhibit should be something that is carefully considered, planned and managed. No matter what the price, style, or size, if the exhibit’s goals and objectives have not been met, you will not realize maximum success at your trade shows. On the other hand, when an exhibit is designed and constructed to meet its goals and objectives, the value of the trade show should more than justify every dollar and hour spent on the trade show floor.

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Author: Kris

Experienced Exhibit/Display Designer for over 25 years. Design, Sales, and Marketing for New World Case, Inc. since 2002. BFA Massachusetts College of Art, graphic Design.

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